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Modern cartridge filters have a special coating that has millions of tiny passages. Dirt clings and stays in these passages. In case of improper cleaning, bacteria are deposited on the coating and constitute a biofilm that protects them. Extra fats, oils and dander form the basis of the bacteria's food. The filter then soils the water. In addition, filters with impurities increase the power consumption of the filter pump and shorten the longevity thereof.

This is why it is important to clean the filters regularly and thoroughly: SpaBalancer Filter Clean dissolves organic impurities, greases and oils on the filter liner.

Clean the filters every two to three weeks (it is possible at the beginning of the use of SpaBalancer that a weekly cleaning is necessary) and use during the cleaning time a second set of filters. To do this, place the filters in a container, add 100 ml to 200 ml SpaBalancer Filter Clean and fill with water until the filters are immersed. The higher the concentration of SpaBalancer Filter Clean, the higher the cleaning efficiency. The amount of SpaBalancer Filter Clean depends on the degree of soiling. Leave filters for at least 12 hours in the container containing SpaBalancer Filter Clean.

Then remove the filters and rinse them thoroughly with a water jet. It is recommended to use the SpaBalancer Filter Cleaner.

In a second step, soak the filters for at least 12 hours in the SpaBalancer Ultrashock solution. Use 25 ml of SpaBalancer Ultrashock for 10 liters of water. The filters must be completely submerged. Rinse the filters thoroughly and let them dry.

SpaBalancer Ultrashock oxidizes all dirt and germs. You can be sure that the filters are 100% free of bacteria. In addition, SpaBalancer Ultrashock prevents deposits of filter cleaner from boiling the water in the spa.

Change your filters every two years. The coating of filters loses its filtering action over time. Even filters that look good still may have poor filtration performance.