Reduced price! Spa Paradise - 5 places

Spa Paradise - 5 Seats


5 Seats
DIMENSIONS : 2300 x 2300 x 900 mm
TARE WEIGHT : 450 kg


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A little piece of paradise that is all yours? You are dreaming of it.. Today, it becomes reality.. for you and 4 other friends. 5 people can seat in Paradise, the relaxing spa which you will enjoy.
Bubbles, relaxation and well-being will be the key words. With its 77 nozzles, and its 10 air jets... think about all the positive sensations you will feel when you immerse yourself in this bath. And if that's not enough as a foretaste of paradise, don't hesitate to use aromatherapy, which will help you relax even more.
With a small size (a square measuring 2.3 meters), Paradise will nevertheless provide you with a feeling of complete well-being due to its 1650 liter capacity. Be prepared for the fact that your guests will never want to leave your home again.. Never again the shadow of a cloud.. It will be... paradise.

Buse Directionnelle

Directional Jet

Properly located, the directional jets an effective massage on large areas of the body.

Buse à Air

Air jet

Located under the thighs, these massages are soft and wide. They are disigned for a moothing effect on the skin.

Buse Rotative

Rotating jet

Thanks to a fast and harmonious rotation, the rotating jets allow the best muscular relaxation.



Chromotherapy is an effective way to immerse yourself in a state of relaxation. It facilitates brain rest and creates an atmosphere during your Spa sessions. Our lights are arranged all around the Spa with several "spots" in key places. Fully controllable, you can choose precisely the atmosphere you want. 3 predefined modes are incorporated into the Spa. The transition of fluid light, which offers a cyclic gradient of color. The simple transition of light, following the same cycle with a faster transition. And finally the "Disco" mode simulating the strobe effect with the wide range of colors available in our Spa. It is also possible to lock the Spa light on a fixed color.


Improve the relaxing effect of your Spa with aromatherapy. It offers natural therapeutic care via its essences. Helping to dissipate certain discomforts or simply to increase the relaxing effect of your Spa tenfold. It exploits our olfactory element which will then associate smells with memories. As a result, you can immerse yourself in your favorite atmospheres. With a simple and quick use, you can enjoy your spa without your water being shiny.


Following the new laws on ecology and green energies, Rewary has agreed to make each model eligible for connection to a heat pump. From now on, each Spa has all the equipment required to install a heat pump. With this new feature, the installation of a Heat Pump can be done without additional concerns. In addition, we would like to remind you of the economic effect of a heat pump, i.e. a 3x reduction in the electricity consumption of your Spa. This means that in less than 3 years, the price of the Heat Pump is completely amortized, subsequently there is significant reduction of your electricity bill.



Green energy laws are appearing in more and more regions. Rewary Spa follows this information very closely and is involved in the use of new energies and ecology. As a result, we offer a 5 kW heat pump available on all our models. This one will consume 1.1 kW and will provide 5 kW in return, it captures the calories naturally present in the air, the compresses before transferring them to the hydraulic circuit of the Spa. Thanks to this technique, in addition to being in line with the new restrictions, a considerable reduction will be felt on your electricity bills. The tests were conclusive, proving that in less than 3 years, your heat pump will have been totally damped.




Capacity 5 Adults
Dimensions 2300 x 2300 x 900 mm
Volume Capacity 1650 liters
Weight 450 kg when dry
Acrylic tank Aristech Acrylics (USA)
Headrests 3
Lighting system 1 x LED spotlight
LED water line 16 Mini LEDs
Number of Jets 77 Stainless Steel Jets
Air jets 10 Air jets
Cascade LED cascade
Diverter valves 6
Aromatherapy Yes
Heater 3000 Watts
Circulation pump 1 x 0,5HP
Massage Pump 2 x 3HP
Air Blower Pump 1 x 900W
Ozonator system PureKlean O3
Type of filtration double port skimmer
Filtration cartridges 2 x (50sq.ft)
Control box "Balboa BP2100G0+TP600"
Electrical connection Three-phase 3x16 amps
Covering Maintenance-free composite wood
Structure Stainless steel frame
Insulation High density polyurethane foam
Gravity drainage system Yes
Garantie 10 years